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    This professor could not find a projector and drew the map of the world himself.

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  3. "You will be thinking, disaster! The numbers, they are growing like mushrooms after the rain!"

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    What if birds had four legs? Need answer


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    when your teacher talks for an extra 30 seconds after class is supposed to end

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    yes…just yes

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    ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

    Have a biscuit, Potter.

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    Ke$ha is a perfect example of how the media loves to make intelligent girls seem dumb and bitchy even though they are actually smart and caring. Ke$ha isn’t far from being a feminist icon but the media continues to label her as a dumb drunk party girl.

    and Ke$ha is all for loving yourself and equality but she continues to receive harassment from mainstream media. Enough harassment to the point that she developed an eating disorder because of it. She is an example of how horrible and sexist the music industry is.

    Ke$ha stands in the category of “gifted genius”, she scored near perfect (1500) on her SAT’s and has an IQ of 140

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