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    I don´t know if someone has already mentioned this, but I was watching Frozen when I noticed something. When the wind opens the window, the White Queen (which symbolizes the Queen Elsa) falls from the chess board. Clever detail Disney.

    Your sister is dead because of you!  Requested by killed-8y-8r8k-spider.

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    This is too beautiful!!

    Perfection…just, perfection.

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  6. A fairy ring is a naturally occurring ring of mushrooms. They are also known as pixie’s rings, faerie circles, or elf circles. The English believed that fairy rings were where fairies came to dance and celebrate, the mushrooms of the rings were used as stools for the fairies to recuperate during the evenings festivities. (OP)

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    Is this how lesbian sex works


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    u ever get in a shower that has the water pressure of someone softly crying on u

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  8. During her legendary final photo shoot with Bert Stern - The Last Sitting - Monroe crossed out the negatives that she didn’t want published with a marker.

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